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Privacy Policy of DAIKIN FINETECH, LTD.

DAIKIN FINETECH, LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") makes best effort for compliance with corporate ethics and laws and recognizes it great social responsibility to protect privacy information that is important property provided by customers; we define "Privacy Policy"

Privacy Policy

(1) Collection of personal information
Our company may collect personal information including customer information and corporate personnel in charge of customer, within a necessary range, at the occasions including customer's order for our products/services, technological consulting, request for repair, inquiries for our products/services including catalog requests, participation in our questionnaire, campaigns, and events, and other inquiries.
Please click here for details on our products and services, in our business activities including manufacture/sales of Wet-process equipment, fluoropolymer molding, composite materials, and fluoro coating, .
(2) Usage of personal information
We use the customer information provided by customers for the purposes of offering our company's products/services, after-sales service, development and quality improvement in our company's products/services, replying to customer inquiries, providing information regarding our company's products/services, etc. It will be also used to inform and conduct our company's campaigns and events. We may provide personal information within our group companies and our contractors for better service, limited to the selected firms who reasonably keep personal information secured in accordance with the requirements defined for the reasonable management of such information at each firm. We make our best efforts to protect customer personal information.
(3) Sharing personal information
In the case of sharing the customer personal information within our company group and between our company and our distributors, we will notice it to customers or announce on our web-sites in advance, including the range of partners allowed to share such information, the items to be shared, and the purposes of sharing such information. Disclosing items about sharing the personal information of users of air conditioners
(Go to the linked web-site of our parant company Daikin Industries, Ltd.)

(4) Providing personal information to any third party
We will not provide any customer personal information to any third party for any purpose without our customer's consent, except for sharing between our company group, our distributors, and our contractors, unless it is permitted or required by law, required to protect personal life and/or properties, or required to cooperate with any public organizations including police and court.
(5) Disclosure of personal information
When we received a request to disclose customer's own personal information in accordance with the procedures defined by our company, we will disclose it to the customer without delay, unless it may significantly interfere our company business or it may impair the life, body/health, properties, and other rights of individuals. When we received a request for correction, addition, or delete of customer's own personal information, or stop of service, or erase in accordance with the procedures defined by our company, we will investigate for it without delay and will surely perform it if it is reasonable.

Please click here for details on the procedures including disclosure of DAIKIN FINETECH personal information.
(Go to the linked web-site of the parent company Daikin Industries, Ltd.)

Compliance with laws and norm related to personal information protection

Our company will comply with laws and norm related to personal information protection.

Security and management of personal information

Our company puts in place our management system and takes reasonable security measures to ensure correctness and security of personal information by protecting from any unauthorized access to personal information, missing, alteration, or leak of personal information.

Continuous improvements

We take always reviews and improvements regarding the personal information protection.

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